Why should you invest in updating your branding & website? 

The Mini-Offers

Easier connections with people! 
With a professional website, you can reach a much wider audience than you would through traditional advertising methods. Your website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time, allowing you to connect with potential customers and clients 24/7.

It helps increase your revenue.
 A professional website helps to establish your business as a credible and professional organization. Having a high-quality website that reflects your brand identity can help to build trust and credibility with potential customers and clients, leading to more sales and increased customer loyalty.

It's Customer Service Dream.
 A website can serve as a hub for your customer service and communication efforts. Provide a range of helpful resources and information, as well as a way for customers to contact you, and you will never let another customer slip through the cracks. 

It's a sales machine working 24-7. 
Imagine waking up to thousands of dollars in product sales, subscribers, new client registrations-all done while you were sleeping. A professional website can help to generate leads and sales for your business by making it easy for potential customers to find and purchase your products or services online. 

Brand discussion meeting on style, vibe, color, company, etc.

Choose from four (3) fully- designed primary logos on the first round of revisions

Choose secondary logos/ submark with a single revision

Brand typography choices for headers and body text &  a list of your brand colors 

Logo variation options including various color choices

What's Included:

A person or business who would like a fresh new look or to refresh & update your current logo and image. 

If you're looking to get noticed, have images to share on social media with memorable yet sleek logo variations for your brand, this is for you!

This is perfect for:

The branding package

Investment: $497

 Mini- Offer One

Focus: Single page websites can be a good option for focusing on a specific product or service and provide all of the neccissary information on a single page, keeping things simple and streamlined or if you have a small business with a limited amount of content. 

Cost: The single-page website is less expensive than our more comprehensive packages. It's a great investment in your business, allowing you to create a powerful presence now and build onto in the future. 

Responsive Design: like all of our websites, they can be easily accessed on any device including smartphones and tablets. 

Speed: Single page websites often load faster which can be important for user experience and search engine ranking. 

Simplicity: if you don't have a lot of content and want to keep things straightforward. 

Single-Page Websites

What's Included:

A person or business who would like to establish a powerful online presence to present their business in a single, beautiful webpage. 

If you're looking to point people to your shop, collect email addresses, announce your business and/or services, this is a great way to look professional and have a simple, single-page site to share with others. 

This is perfect for: 

The single-page website

1 custom designed website page

Simple CMS

Responsive design (mobile friendly)

Basic SEO & Google Analytics

Contact/Newsletter/sign-up form

Social Media Integration

24/7 Showit support & training

Investment: $697

 Mini-Offer Two

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