Website Design & Branding Services

For tiny but mighty small businesses 

We get it. 

Your business deserves a great website. 
You just don't want another full-time job.

I'm starting a new business and need a great website.

I need to make it easier for my clients to find me on Google and book directly online.

I don't have time to keep up with all of this.

I know my branding and website could be a lot better but I don't even know where to start. 

Sound Familiar?

Are you ready to take the stress of creating and managing a website off your plate? 

You can imagine expanding  & earning more now that your revenue is growing

You completely eliminate the guesswork of online presence 

You finally  feel confident because you have a solid strategy in place 

You notice your earnings are rising 

You have a full list of pre-qualified customers that are already sold on who you are, what you do and are booked in your calendar

Imagine this . . .

A Home Page 
About, Services, Contact, Gallery, Sales page, other. (choose one) 

What's Included:

Not quite ready to invest in a 5-page site but KNOW you need a strategic website where you can drive dream clients?

The two-page website is PERFECT for small businesses that are just getting started.

Our TWO-PAGE  websites are simple, strategic,  and beautiful to ensure that all roads lead back to working with you. 

With a distraction-free and high-quality Home Page, as well as an additional page of your choice (such as About, Services, Work with Me, Contact, Gallery, Blog, Short-form Sales Page, or other), you can create a customized, SEO , mobile-friendly and effective online platform for your business.

Our signature
two-Page Website package

Mood board, custom colors/fonts 
24/7 Showit Support
Basic SEO setup & Google Analytics
Mobile-responsive design
Social Media Integration
Website favicon

Website Strategy session

*Optional logo package add-on:



5 Page Website:
(Home, About, Work With Me, Contact, Sales Page)


The Premium Five-Page Website
And branding package

You've been in business for a while. You're ready to invest in a gorgeous, new website that is going to position you as the expert that you are in your field.

You're looking to scale quickly and would like Social Media Integration, a schedule/calendar booking feature, a gallery, and testimonials.

Branding & Logo Design is also included in this fully comprehensive package.  

We view the creation of a 5-page website as an investment in our client's future success. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail means that we take the time necessary to deliver a website that meets their unique needs and objectives and will serve them for years to come.

*payment plan available upon request

Branding and Logo Design:
     Primary Logo
     Secondary Logo
     Color Palette
     Font Pairings

Website Development:
     Strategy Session
     Mood Board
     Gorgeous Five-Page Mobile-Responsive Showit Website         Basic SEO and Google Analytics
     Third Party Integration

Website Development:
     Strategy Session
     Mood Board
     Gorgeous Five-Page Mobile-Responsive              Showit Website         
     Basic SEO and Google Analytics
     Third Party Integration

Client Success Stories

-Zoe M.

"Don’t walk, run and call Melissa Villamaino! When I started my doula business I was feeling very frustrated. I couldn’t figure out why My website wasn’t getting any hits, why I wasn’t showing up in searches. Enter Melissa. She was so kind, calm and professional. She walked me through the process and made sure I got exactly what i wanted. She not only helped me with my site design but she set me up on social media and search engines to help me pull in clients. Her attention to detail, broad skill set and knowledge brought me from a timid new entrepreneur to a confident woman who knows she has what it takes to run her own business. Thank you Melissa for your dedication and inspiration! I couldn’t have done it without you!"

"...she brought me from a timid, new entrepreneur to a confident woman who knows what it takes to run her own business." 

-Jess F.

"Your website is your business card to the world so you need to hire the best to really stand out from the competition. Hiring Melissa at Manifest Web Design Studio was the best choice I could have made for my business. Her communication throughout the process was just amazing; she really listened to me and what I needed, was always available to discuss options, answer questions, and offer advice on ways to make my website better, more user friendly, more professional and aesthetically appealing. Her knowledge, passion, and dedication to my business was so refreshing! I could never have done this without her expertise. I am so grateful to have found her, and I will keep recommending her to everyone I know!" 

"Hiring Melissa at Manifest Web Design Studio was the best choice I could have made for my business."

How do you know if this will be a great fit? 

You're highly motivated to grow your business.

You know time is money and you're ready to delegate this aspect so you have more free time. 

You're open-minded to new ideas that will modernize your business & attract dream clients. 

You need help from someone who just gets it, respects and values your time, and doesn't overcomplicate things.

-Lisa M.

Melissa created the website for my business, CrossFit Lunacy. It is absolutely beautiful. Not only is she a pleasure to collaborate with, she has a true talent. I have received numerous compliments on the professionalism of the site. Five stars for sure! 

The Results

 We started with scheduling a branding photo session to offer website guests an authentic representation of what it feels like to walk through the doors and be a part of the community.

We then incorporated many upgrades-all with a strategy to nurture visitors through a series of pages and lead them to one place-contacting the business to inquire about new memberships.

To do this,  we added a Home Page with several "Call to Action" buttons, videos and images of exactly what CrossFit has to offer to the general public, A Class Schedule Page with detailed descriptions of what to expect (so guests can visualize themselves experiencing a class), an "About" section with a photo and video gallery of actual members,  a feature page for the coaching staff and their certifications, a membership pricing page, a "News & Announcements" page so people without social media can stay informed on what is happening, and several testimonials

To enhance the site, making it "SEO Friendly" , we increased on-page optimization (improves ranking search results), ensured that the site is optimized for mobile-users, embedded Google map & reviews. These are crucial features in creating an SEO-friendly website. We are thrilled to offer this service which is included in all of our website packages. 

For added online presence, we added some powerful Instagram Reels/TikToks and tagged @CFLunacy, making them easily visible and sharable to enhance brand & business awareness in the community. 

The Strategy

This client came to us seeking a website refresh, some logo modifications and branding tweaks. The original site was lacking some features and our client wanted to enhance their online presence and accessibility for all visitors.

Originally, our client had created a DIY website but after two years of business, was really looking for a fresh look, interactive features, and a professional and authentic representation of their business and the tremendous gifts they can offer to the community. 

crossfit Lunacy

Client Case Study

The Client

The strategy

-Lisa M.

The Results

Like this!

Increased inquiry: More  visitors are using the site, leading to increased inquiry, and memberships. Because the contact form is seamlessly built in and goes directly to the owner's email inbox, quicker connections can be made. 

Enhanced brand reputation: By showcasing their professionalism and credibility, they can continue to stand out as a leader in their industry. 

Improved user experience: They now have an easy to navigate and mobile-friendly website, providing current and new members  with a positive user experience.

Marketing & Advertising: Serves as a 24-7 marketing tool and place to promote sales, special offers and events directly to the community. 


Make it Official

The Process

Make your first payment

Choose a day & time to connect via zoom


Gather Your  Imagery & Words


Pictures say a thousand words. I'll guide you & advise you on where to obtain timeless, stunning images that truly reflect your business. 


Gain access to my strategic design forms that will leave you with a powerful website copy that will take you from "blah" to "booked out". 

Step 1

Say hello to your 
New Home Page

Enjoy mobile-friendly previews of your new Home Page in real time. 

Contribute to the overall look and feel until your Home Page feels completely "soul-aligned" with your vision. 

Step 2

The rest of your website is crafted

After your home page is complete we will get to work creating specific content, imagery, design and purpose for each additional page of your custom website. 

You will have access to preview and contribute to the process in real time. 

Step 3

Official Launch!


We will launch your website and make it live for the public to access. To promote your website through social media, email marketing, and other channels we will prove you with 10 FREE social media graphics!

Final Step!

Let's do this.

No matter where you are in your business, we can help you get your dream clients' attention. 


We will launch your website and make it live for the public to access. To promote your website through social media, email marketing, and other channels we will prove you with 10 FREE social media graphics!

Congratulations! Your site is LIVE!

Final Step!

Are you ready to increase your profits? 

I am thrilled to see you taking the next step to create a smart & captivating new website & branding for your business. 

Let's make sure we're a great match for each other by taking a look below at a couple of popular FAQ's. 

- Melissa 

Hi Friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your website service cost?

We offer two website packages, both are fully comprehensive, mobile and SEO-friendly, and gorgeous display.

Our signature Two Page website is $1497 and our Premium Five Page website, which includes branding and logo variations is $4250. 

A third of the cost is due at the start of the project, another third after the Home page is complete and once the final payment is made, the website will be released to you and published. If you require an alternate payment plan, we are willing to work with all of our clients to help make that happen. 

We can find the perfect, customized package for you that will be tailored to your specific needs. You can always start with a smaller package and build over time.

Which platforms do you work with? 

I work primarily as a Showit artist. I have training and design experience in  so many platforms- Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Canva, etc...and Showit is simply the best fit for my clients because it offers the most creative freedom while being extremely user-friendly, mobile-responsive, has a stunning & professional display.

Do you offer a payment plan? 

Yes, we can get you started immediately with our affordable payment plans which allow you to begin immediately and pay over time, making it accessible to any size business budget. 

When can we get started? 

We are currently booking 2 weeks out. This is a great time to allow you to prep and gather everything you'd like on your site. 

What do you need from me before starting? 

We will need all of your images, writing, logins (for both your Showit Account and Domain) by your start date. We can work together to set a solid start date dependent upon how much you have to gather. Need photos? Let us know. We can connect you with a branding photographer. (Highly recommended!) 

I'm not that great with writing. Can you help with this part? 

Yes. We have an outstanding copywriter on our team that we can connect you with. Her services are in addition to the website fee. If you choose to use an outside source, we would need your final copy prior to beginning design. 

Can I change and edit my site after it launches? 

Absolutely! You will have full access to edit your site once it is completed, and we will provide a video tutorial that you may access at any time to make changes. If you prefer, you can hire us for quick edits at a very reasonable rate. 

Are there other costs I should know about? 

You will need an active SHOWIT subscription (approximately $20-$39 per month) and any needed, paid stock photography or fonts. It is also highly recommended that you purchase a Terms & Conditions policy as well as a Privacy Policy for your website. 

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Great, thank you!

I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with you & will be in touch within two business days.

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